It Works

01 Onboarding

After learning about your borrowing needs, we provide you with our proposed loan terms. Next, we run you through our AML/KYC process and once approved, we provide you with the loan documents for e-signing.

02 Funding

Send your Bitcoin or Ethereum to our secure cold storage wallet. Once we confirm receipt, we fund your bank account with US dollars same day.

03 Servicing

Make monthly payments or repay at any time without penalty. Monitor your loan balance and manage your payment methods using our client portal. At maturity you have the option to refinance or repay.

04 Borrow More

Take advantage of your equity appreciation. If BTC or ETH rises so that your loan LTV drops below 20%, you are able to take out an additional loan for up to the same amount.

Want even more leverage? If you require a higher LTV over our standard rate please contact us for a custom quote at