Use our Loan Calculator to determine borrowing power and begin your application process today.

Loan Amount (100K – 5M USD)

Loan amount should range from 100K to 5M.

Please call 212-785-8093 if you'd like to request an amount beyond that range.

Loan Type
Loan Term

Choose when you would like to repay the loan in full. Please call 212-785-8093 if you would like to request a term beyond the available amount.

Crypto Collateral

Choose BTC if posting Bitcoin as collateral, or ETH if posting Ethereum as collateral.

Initial LTV

Choose your LTV (Loan to Value) ratio. For example if you choose 40% and you want a $400,000 loan, you will need to post $1,000,000 worth of collateral.

The higher the LTV, the higher interest rate we will charge.

Collateral Requirement

This is the amount of collateral you will need to deposit for your loan. The amount is based on the latest price of BTC / ETH, and is subject to change at closing.

Your Rate